The current situation with coronavirus or COVID-19 has put some strict parameters on all of us, especially on those of us who are constantly looking to please customers with a delightful culinary experience. At the Whitehorse Steakhouse at Oak Meadow Ranch, we’ve decided that we’ll be here through this pandemic to serve you just like we’ve been pleasing our customers since 2017!

With all the ongoing commotion, you don’t have to worry about eating the same meal every day. You can contact us to make your day a lot better with a hot, fresh, delicious meal to help you find comfort in these hard times. We are working tirelessly to make sure that you have the chance to enjoy a meal cooked by our passionate staff — don’t let the situation stop you from eating what you want, when you want it!

The food at the Whitehorse Steakhouse at Oak Meadow Ranch has always been made with the best and freshest ingredients. Our goal has always been to provide the Wild-West experience, and in these wild times, we want to keep that promise. You might not be able to join us at our restaurant, but we will bring the restaurant to you!

Don’t let this current and passing issue stop you from having the food that you want. We are here to satiate your cravings and deliver you the comfort food that you need at this time.


Please, contact Kristin Navarro today to place your orders and set up a delivery! 

(808) 295-5557